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What to do if the washing machine broke?

If your washing machine is not working and you're not quite sure what happened to her, you've come to the right place! Call repairman washing machines at home in Orlando will help you determine the reason why not the drum rotates, water flows, or why does not the function of pressing clothes. There is a list of symptoms that usually occur in a washing machine and characterize its breakage. If you identify a symptom of Your washing machine, the master of our company washing machine repair in Orlando, will be able to troubleshoot those parts, which is out of order.

In most washing machines top loading there is a detail that is responsible for stirring the clothes with water and detergent remedy. It is called an activator and is driven by the output shaft of the gearbox. The output shaft, as a rule, the center of plastic parts for mixing should fit snugly to each other. Depending on the brand of the washing machine, the activator can consist of one piece or two piece dual action. If one part of the activator or the lower part of the double activator does not wobble back and forth during the wash cycle, it may be evidence of damage, and the activator needs to be replaced. Most actuators are held in place with the bolt in the upper part of the shaft of the transmission located below the fabric softener dispenser or top cover. Some models use a small set screw in the barrel of the activator just above the base to connect it with the shaft, and some use a rubber ring to ensure a tight fit. When the lockout device is removed, it is necessary to raise the activator with the shaft.

Another problem associated with breakdowns, may be the failure of the switch cover. of the
Cap switch provides power to the timer. If you suspect this problem, you should make sure that any levers or actuators is not damaged. If the switch aktiviziruyutsya, but the power is not supplied to the timer circuit, in this case, the switch may be faulty. You should unplug the instrument from power and remove the wire from the switch. You can check the switch with a multimeter. Professional repair of washing machines Orlando strongly recommend not to neglect the repair of the switch cover, as normal operation this part is an important feature of security, and its malfunction may cause serious injuries.

All the washing machines with front loading are the shock absorbers used to dampen the movement of the machine during the spin cycle. Shock absorbers or struts are attached to the supporting frame on the outside. of damage
To access them you must remove the front or rear panel. When the shock absorbers are loose or damaged, unbalanced loads cause tremors or moving, and the machine often makes loud banging noise upon spinning. If this problem is not addressed, it may lead to damage of other components. Before to eliminate this kind of problem, the master is recommended to power off the device.

In some cases, the cause of incorrect operation of the washing machine may be belt to drive the transmission. If your washing machine stops, the belt may be to blame. For the inspection of the belt should remove the front panel to see how it is worn or damaged. The belts are usually located at the bottom of the washing machine, and if they are, then, as a rule, cause a burning smell or make a noise when the drum works. Master repair washing machines Orlando is recommended to check how freely move the belt tensioner before installing a new belt.

Urgent call for

The average family is throwing a wash of things one or two times a week, and when you have small children – more often. If your washing machine has broken, we have to find a way to fix it with minimal effort. Masters of the service center «In-home repair» fix your washing machine at home (in any part of the city) and provide a guarantee on work performed. For us there is good and bad orders – any problem will be resolved in time and at reasonable rates.

Advantages of service at home

The gap between the washing machine and the full restoration of its functions can be quite long: the owners need to turn the equipment off from the water supply and sanitation, hire porters and transport to the service centre.

Our masters have a different approach: they arrive at house in any area of Orlando, diagnose and repair washing machines, write guarantee certificate – and all this takes less than a day. In addition to saving time, you gain in price – shipping and transportation costs will not have to pay.

Will solve any problems!

The specialists of our service center are well-versed in the design of the washing machines AEG, Electrolux, Bosch, Indesit and other popular brands, so the repair takes a minimum of time. In the price list of the masters you will find the most common replacement service:

  • control boards;
  • Heaters;
  • hatches;
  • bearings;
  • the sealing cuff;
  • drain, filler hoses and many other components.

We don't restore the burned or worn parts, and install new genuine parts, so after the repair, your washing machine will work like new.

How to order repair of washing machines at home in Orlando

If you need immediate technical assistance, call the master by phone. And for those who prefer communicating through the site, service center offers to complete the online application. You don't need to learn the terminology – simply indicate the symptoms of damage to the washing machine, year of manufacture and brand. This will help to make the preliminary diagnosis and to select the spare parts for repair.

Service center «In-home repair» – a quality and great price service, attentive attitude to each customer and high level of professionalism of masters. We will revive your appliances quickly!