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The Repair Of Damages To The Microwave


Since 2009, we specializiruetsya for domestic and industrial microwave ovens. We always keep in stock the most common parts for most models of microwaves. Working with such brands as Samsung, LG, Gorenje, Zelmer, Electrolux, Panasonic, Bosch, Whirlpool, Siemens, Zanussi, Kandy, Aurora, Clatronic, Daewoo, Delphi, Saturn, Elenberg, Hansa, Ariston, Kaiser, Mystery, Scarlet, sharp, Vitek, AirJet, Barchester, Fimar, handy, GasTerra and others, any year.


Our professionals have extensive experience, so can easily pick up the necessary parts and to perform works of any complexity. Our courier service on time and will ship the microwave to a Service Center for repair and back.


If Your microwave is not working and You need professional help, call us for further advice. We take calls daily from 9:00 to 21:00 without interruption. Ensure efficient and courteous response to any of Your questions.


Where how to repair microwave

Today denv Orlando more than 15 Service Centers perform repair microwave ovens. But not every Service can offer high quality repairs and quality customer service.



What is the difference?

Authorized Service Center be sure to have a repair shop. This shop is equipped with everything needed for fast, quality work. In this workshop masters work using professional tools. Always have at hand the technical documentation, detail drawings and diagrams for any model of microwave. All repairs are monitored and all equipment is tested.


A prerequisite of a fast and quality repair – is your stock of spare parts near the repair shop. At any time the master might need a capacitor, diode or magnetron. Very good when everything is and don't need to invent anything. Spare parts in the warehouse are purchased in bulk, directly from the manufacturer, so quality is always guaranteed.


Service Center that truly cares about its customers, will offer the shipping. You don't need to carry equipment in for repair, it will make for You the courier Service Center. Because of this You can take the equipment for repair to the Center that You like, not the one who is closest. Even if the Service is in your area, You will spend at least an hour of time to bring the stove in for repair, and then another hour to go pick her up.



How does the delivery service?

You call the Service Center and consult with a doctor and make application for the courier delivery. Most Service Centers accept applications seven days a week from 9:00 to 21:00. At a convenient time for You, the courier, take the microwave and take it to a Service Center. The courier must write out a receipt with the seal of the Service Center. Many Service Centers courier delivery free.


With all rainbowland equipment is delivered to the repair shop. There is a diagnosis, and You call the Manager of the Service Center. He agrees with You the cost of repairing and the list of works. Immediately after approval of the master repairs to the microwave. The average repair microwave oven appliances from an experienced master takes 50-60 minutes.

may indicate

After repair, all equipment will be checked.


Your stove is already repaired and ready to work. The courier must write out
You call the Manager and negotiates a convenient time for You delivery. At the appointed time the courier delivers the microwave directly to your home or office. After delivery of your microwave oven You may have to pay repair cash to the courier or through Bank. On a parts and labour warranty, from 3 months. up to 1 year.


So, in our opinion, should run a good Service, and that is how we work.


The main damage Microwave ovens:

1.Microwave not included. So somewhere lost contact. The problem may be in network transformer, in the circuit Board or the timer. Digital multimeter check the circuit and find the break. Defective part repair or replace it for a new one. In our warehouse always there is a quality original parts for microwave ovens. If you need any rare parts we order directly from the manufacturer.


2.Microwave does not heat. If the microwave does not heat then either the magnetron is faulty or it is not energized. The magnetron can be checked with a multimeter, to check voltage you will need special equipment. If the magnetron is working properly and the oven does not heat, will likely need to replace the high-voltage capacitor, diode, transformer, or control relay. In a specialized service center so repairs can be completed within hours.


3.Ambient noise when working. Extraneous noise is always talking about the problems in the operation of microwave ovens. The source of the noise could be the cooling fan motor, convection motor (not all models) or the mechanism of rotation of the plates. Kind of a hum arises in case of failure of power transformer. In this case, it may be the smell of burning insulation.


4.Sparking when operating. When operating microwave oven can be arcing in the chamber. Food residues on the walls of the microwave under the action of the microwave charred and begin to spark and “shoot”. Sparking on the wall on the right side may indicate a burnout of the magnetron or its protective plate. In this case the plate need to replace a magnetron to repair or install new.


5.Plate does not rotate. Could be faulty motor or damaged gear. But first you need to check is the supply voltage of the motor. In a microwave oven is usually 220, 30, or 21 volts. If a faulty motor or gearbox, we recommend to replace it with a new one. If the microwave is old enough you can pick up parts from more recent models.


6.Other faults. Among other faults, there are broken knobs, buttons, failure of the control panel or the electronic Board that the failure of the timer or the mechanism of convection problems in the operation of the cooling system and much more. These breakdowns can be eliminated fairly quickly, while a good save. After repairing a microwave oven always much cheaper than buying new.



The estimated cost of some parts:

  • High voltage transformer – from $45
  • The magnetron of the microwave oven – from $40
  • Motor cooling – from $15
  • Rotation motor – $25
  • Ten convection – from $20
  • High voltage capacitor – from $15
  • Mains transformer – from $10
  • High voltage diode – $10
  • Heater grill $10


Estimated cost of works:

  • Standard repair (disassembly/Assembly, parts replacement) – $25
  • The restoration of mechanical damage – $20
  • Restoration hardware – $40
  • Non-standard repair – $10.
  • Maintenance work – $25
  • Diagnosis (no repair) – $10
  • Diagnostics (with subsequent repair) – $10


Estimated time of repair:

  • Usual repair – 1…2 days.
  • Emergency repairs – 1…2 hours.