Garbage disposal repair orlando fl

Quality repair of kitchen grinders in Orlando

A food waste disposer – household appliance, by which the residues of food ceases to be a nuisance. After installing it, you can not worry about that thrown in the bin waste will become smelly and attract insects. Just rinse in the sink, turning on disposer. He will grind them to a mushy state, mix with water and bring to the sewers.

Despite the high reliability of the design of the shredders in the process of exploitation them for various reasons might need to be okolovskaya detailed step-by-step In this case, call the house masters of our service center. The application can be left on the website, filling form or over the phone. To restore normal operation specialist will be able on the same day, even if you do not live in Orlando, and in the suburbs.

The main causes of breakdowns

What is most often broken kitchen grinders? The reasons can be several – natural wear and tear, voltage fluctuations in the mains and violations of the rules of operation. The last two points lead to the most complex injuries – failure of the elements grinding, control system and motor.

The damage disposer can be caused by the ingestion of device of small kitchen appliances, clothes and bags. Masters have to get out of chopper even wedding rings. If the owner had time to stop the appliance, the wizard is limited only by extracting of foreign objects. If not – need replacement of broken components.

In the event of malfunction of disposer turn it off and wait for the arrival of the specialist. Do not attempt to disassemble the shredder and remove selected item independently. Without knowing the specifics of the device design, it is possible to damage other components. Entrust repair to the master, who will spend it quickly and accurately.

Advantages of cooperation with professionals

To save, some owners of the food waste disposers are invited for repair of private masters. This approach is often not justified. First, the owner can incorrectly determine the cause of failure. Disposer not yet widespread, and professionals well versed in the specifics of their design, are difficult to find. Secondly, private master often used instead of certified components or their equivalents parts that were used. This reduces the cost of their services, but does not guarantee stable operation of the equipment. And third, they almost never write documents, so in case of repetition of failure you again have to pay for repairs.

If you order a repair of a food waste disposer in our the service center, you should not be afraid of these problems. Our professionals are familiar with the particular construction of disposeof different brands, have professional equipment to accurately determine the cause of failure. At work they use only genuine parts that match the make of the device, and after completion of work prescribed warranty.


  • How much space is Food waste disposer ?

    Modern shredders (waste heat recovery, disposer) food authtokenfactory for installation under the kitchen sink, while there is a lot of free space under the table top. 

  • Does The waste disposer  sink?

    Shredders (waste heat recovery, disposer) food okolofutbolnaya any stainless steel sinks or any other sinks, the diameter of the drain hole which is ~90 mm. Drain hole in the stainless steel sink is increased by using a special fixture, (this work should be performed by a qualified specialist). Grinder (sorter, disposer) food ethodology to be installed in two-(three-)segmented, and in one-section sink. 

  • How Food waste disposer  easy to install?

    Each grinder (sorter, disposer) food okolovskaya detailed step by step instruction on installation in Russian and, in principle, the connection of the chopper (the recovery of disposer) food othodov washing may be conducted by any person "with hands", but connect the disposer to the sewer should be at least a qualified plumber.

  • How to use The garbage disposal ?

    First You open the cold water, then turn on the grinder (sorter, disposer) food waste loads in the food waste in small portions . Grinder (sorter, disposer) food addoutparameter them for 10 – 20 seconds. You turn off the grinder (sorter, disposer) food othodami close the water. AND EVERYTHING !!! The whole grinding process takes less than a minute.

  • How it works Food waste disposer ?

    Food wastes fall into the grinding chamber, the bottom of which is rotating at a speed of 1450 rpm metal disk. Due to the centrifugal force of the waste are distributed on its walls, which are self-sharpening special grater. Size reduction takes place due to friction wastes about these floats. In addition, on the drive there are special freely rotating Cams, which are used for pre-crushing of solid waste, as well as for grinding of waste floats on the chamber walls. Shredded waste through the holes in the disk washed with water directly into the sewer. The size of the shredded particles does not exceed 3 mm.

    to save some

    To start the chopper (the recovery of disposer) food waste Evolution can be used a regular switch, but for convenience and security, it is recommended to use a special pneumatic switch (supplied only in models 45Lux, 55Lux, 65 and 75). Button pravobulachnaja can be installed on the countertop close to a sink or directly into the sink. Button connects an AIR HOSE with a built-in shredder switch. When you press the button the air in the hose presses on switch – grinder turns on. When the key is pressed – off. Since pneumotropica only connected the air hose (not electrical wire !!!) – You can turn on the grinder with wet hands, and not be afraid of getting water on button (which is inevitable close to a wash).

  • What can you throw in Food waste disposer ?

    All food waste, such as cleaning vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, fish, chicken, fish bones, egg shells; peel of melons cultures; bone cherry, plum. From non-food waste disposer (garbage, disposer) recycles food waste: disposable paper towels and napkins, cigarette butts.Recommended even throw in a chicken bone for self cleaning device and sewage pipes.

  • We can not leave the?

    Household disposer (garbage, disposer) food waste not intended for recycling Non-food waste and large meat bones and corn cobs, husks, onion, large fish scales in large numbers, the shells of large marine animals (may occur a clog of Sewerage system). It is strictly prohibited to hit the chopper (the heat, disposer) food waste polyethylene, thread, rags and metal objects. Although even in this case the grinder will not be damaged – works built-in protection system. After this, you will need to remove foreign objects and restart the shredder.

  • What would happen if it stuck?

    This happens very rarely, for example when in the chopper (heat exchanger, disposer) food echodoppler metal or other items prohibited by the requirements for operation of the device. Each grinder (sorter, disposer) food okolovskaya special hex key that allows you to manually remove any stuck subject.

    the disk is washed with water directly

    In addition, the grinder (sorter, disposer) food waste In Sink Erator has an automatic protection system against overloads.

  • What you need for maintenance The waste disposer ?

    Shredder (waste heat recovery, disposer) of food waste are designed and manufactured in such a way that it does not require any special maintenance. They are easy to maintain. The systematic use of the chipper (the recovery of disposer) food waste – the best prevention.

  • If Food waste disposer  still not working, can I use the sink?

    In this unlikely event you can use the sink as usual. Grinder (sorter, disposer) food waste performs the function of an ordinary siphon. 

  • Shumen whether Food waste disposer  in the work?

    Most customers are pleasantly surprised at how quiet the disposer (garbage, disposer) food waste . The maximum noise in the processing of the bones is only 50-70 dB, and izmelchitel (waste heat recovery, disposer) food waste In Sink Erator new range of work is much quieter than their predecessors. For comparison: in modern washing machines the noise is 30-40 dB., in the spin mode, 60-80 dB. 

  • Is it safe Food waste disposer ?

    Shredders (waste heat recovery, disposer) of food waste are constructed according to very strict safety standards in the U.S. and Europe and so under normal use they are absolutely safe. The shredders (recovery disposer) food waste In Sink Erator does not apply knives, no cutting or sharp items. Grinding food waste is a method of crushing using a crushing jaws and rings that are deep inside the device and are not dangerous. 

  • How reliable Food waste disposer ?

    Shredders (waste heat recovery, disposer) of food waste are warranted from 1 year to 5 years depending on the model, but the need for warranty service arises extremely rarely. There is nothing unusual in the fact that many shredders (waste heat recovery, disposer) food waste work without any problems 25 years or more.

  • As far as it is economical?

    Additional average water consumption when using the chopper (the recovery of disposer) food waste is only a little more than 3 liters per day for 1 person.You can very easily include Total water consumption in the family increases by 2.6% of the total amount of water used per day.
    The total consumption of electricity per month when using the chopper (the recovery of disposer) food waste motor capacity 0.55 HP (Model 55) is the same as when using 100-watt light bulbs for 1 hour! (3.7 Watt/hour).