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What are the problems with the refrigerator?

Refrigerator is not included.

If the refrigerator has stopped responding to the task, not included, or somehow (not react when pressing buttons), then you must first check whether it is connected to the network. If it continues to not work, then you need to test the outlet, maybe she is not receiving electricity.Fifty 
 Replace timer Well, the last thing you need to pay attention to the module, i.e. the control unit. On their own are unlikely to identify the problem let alone fix it. In this case it is better to call in a specialized repair shop for refrigerators and cause the master, which in turn will perform the repair at a professional level.

Refrigerator does not cool.

If the fridge is very warm, it to start is to check the set temperature. Maybe when the light is turned off, or for some other reason, your new settings off for standard.the use of the service One of the possible causes of the problem – an overabundance of food. The fridge just could not cope with such volumes. But if that's not the problem, the cause of poor cooling can be spoiled refrigerant. The refrigerant flows through the tubes inside the refrigerator and freezer. In this case, it is necessary perenapravit. To perform this procedure must of course master, as the refrigerant is a chemical substance that can cause lead poisoning.

The refrigerator makes a lot of sound and vibration.

Probably, you have often noticed that occasionally the refrigerator, begins to buzz. Nothing wrong with that. To cope with such "problem" can be completely alone. Fridge you just need to install correctly. Whatever he vibrated, it is necessary to align, fixing "legs".

Fridge very cold.

The main reason for this fault could be the thermostat. When stops working, the relay of the temperature inside the freezer starts to gradually decrease in temperature. Eliminate the breakage and possibly yourself, but for such operations desirable experience. Thus it is better to use only original spare parts.
There is another reason that causes this phenomenon – this discharge of gaseous substances. First, you need to pay attention to the visible mechanical defects both outside and inside the refrigerator. If nothing can detect, so there are cracks, which can detect when special diagnostic equipment. Such devices are always available from our experts.

In the refrigerator odor.

There is always at least two reasons why the refrigerator there are unpleasant odors. The first reason – stale food. Very often stuffed to capacity the refrigerator can be still on hand a cucumber or tomato. As a rule, spoiled vegetables give a very bad smell, settles on the walls of the refrigerator. If this smell came – you need to try to find the cause yourself, disconnect and defrost the refrigerator. Then wash it with special detergent and allow to dry. If this does not help and the smell still remains – need to call the master.
The second reason – may be clogged nozzles. Yeah, in the fridge, there are special pipes, which moves the condensate formed by the evaporator For masters with experience will not be difficult to efficiently clean accumulated dirt, and reinstall the new pipes are not damaged rotting process.

On the evaporator of the fridge much frost.

Under the frost meant – a soft thin layer of ice crystals. Such crystals often appear at the broken seal. Integrity is violated when you break the seal, located on the doors of refrigerators. You can seal the hole, but still safer – to change the tire on a new.

There's a lot less serious problems, such as:

If the refrigerator happened to any of the above faults and you can't resolve it personally, we will be able to help you by offering the service "Call the repairman of refrigerators". Our experts have over 10 years repair refrigerators residents of Orlando. We work in all areas and refrigerator repair conduct at home clients. Because you will not need to carry your huge machines in service. All the details can be learn by phone: (044) 333-49-38 (from 8 to 20 hours) or fill in the form on the wizard online.

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